QK Data Vault
Our QK Data Vault was specifically designed to transfer relevant record (PR) data from a Production TrackWise database into a separate archive database, without impacting system configuration or TrackWise Configuration Migrator snapshots.

Further, because the TAS is uniquely tailored to the TrackWise database, it ensures that all critical record relationships are maintained. Parent-Child and Referenced Record relationships are validated prior to archival, and cannot be broken when archiving with our tool.

Unclutter your data and increase system performance by removing decade-old records from your Production system, via an intuitive and simple web UI.


  • Safely archives only PR data, not critical system configuration.
  • Maintains Configuration Migrator Snapshot integrity.
  • Ensures only closed records are archived.
  • Ensures entire record families and referenced record sets are archived as a unit.
  • Easily archives only the records you want, by querying on: PR ID, Date Closed, State, Division and/or Project fields.
  • Maintains a full archive history, including who performed an archive, when it was performed, and what records were archived.
  • Provides convenient data export and dashboard features